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MotoCatman Race Preparation attended on behalf of my clients the ASI Revival meeting which took place in 2010 at Varano, Italy.

The idea of the ASI is for local motorcycle clubs to show their original and restored road and race machines from all eras of motorcycling. There are various on track parades over the three days along with trade stands and stalls selling rare parts, magazines, books and clothing. This year the show was attended by mainly Italian racing stars such as Agostini, Frankie Chili, Lazzarini, and Ubiali but stars from other parts of the world attended with for example Carlos Lavado from Argentina.

MotoCatman was responsible for 4 machines, a 1986 500cc Suzuki XR70 reed valve machine ridden by Frankie Chili, a 1985 XR45 ridden by Leandro Becheroni, a 1979 500cc originally ridden by Valentino Rossi's father, Grazziano, but this time ridden by Silvano Bertarelli and a TR750 ridden originally by Tepi Lansivuori, with which he was reunited.

 Bertarelli on the Grazziano Rossi machine                     Frankie Chili on the XR70                                  Becheroni on the XR45


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